Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just another Saturday Afternoon

I got up from a not-so-restful afternoon nap, looked out the window into my backyard, and saw this.

What can I say?

Life married to Grant is never dull.

Oh, what is that thing hanging from our swing set?  (Go ahead, click on the picture and take a closer look)

That is the ladder rack from Grant's truck.  He apparently decided to remove it.  By unbolting it, tying it onto the swing set and driving the truck away.  Or something like that.  I didn't actually watch.

It most of his plans do.

When things like this happen, I must admit, I'm really glad he's not like me.  Cautious - to a fault sometimes, worried, anxious about what could go wrong - if he were like me, life would be safe dull.  And a little adrenaline pounding excitement isn't such a bad thing.

I love my husband.  He balances me out so well.

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