Thursday, September 9, 2010

Annika's Birthday Party

The preparations for the party began long before party day, as you might well imagine.  I created a couple of games that I had read about online and spent considerable time working on them in the evenings prior to last Saturday. Here I was copying a picture of the Siamese Cats from the movie onto a poster board to put as decoration on the wall.....for the following game:

I drew a picture of a fish bowl on a box and made "goldfish" out of felt, beans, and hot glue ('cause I don't sew.....maybe I'll learn someday).  The kids were supposed to "rescue" the goldfish from the Siamese Cats by tossing them into the fish bowl. 

You can see a bit of the picture I drew in the background.  The kids really loved this game!

Marissa with two of her very best friends.

For the next game, we pretended that I was the dogcatcher and the kids were playing Hot Potato with a package (which had many wrapped layers, each with a piece of candy in it).
When the music stopped, whomever had the package first got "caught" with the net, then they got to open one layer of the package and get the candy before they left the circle and the game continued.

One of the guests getting caught!  The kids thought this was hilarious!

It came down to Corban and his buddy Cort to determine the winner - Cort got the final prize of extra candy in the middle. 

Annika could not resist sticking her finger in the frosting before we sang to her. 

3-Years Old!  And proud of it!

She got some lovely gifts....

and had some help inspecting things!

Ellia got some special attention from a friend, who's own baby sister was just born yesterday!

We had lots of cake....still eating on the leftovers, actually.

And we had little bone cookies that the Marissa helped me ice and decorate.  Those were a big hit. 

The party was a great success and Annika had a wonderful time....Thanks to everyone who came and to my wonderful husband who cleaned up nearly everything singlehandedly to let me rest! 

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