Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Countdown to 2011: Soups/Stews

I'm participating in SnoWhite's Countdown to 2011 - where each day bloggers highlight our favorite recipes from 2010 in a few categories.

December 26 was Breakfast:   There were lots of great entries....check them out!

I submitted Clone of a Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls.......one of my favorite things to eat.  Ever.

and Biscuits with Chocolate Gravy. Because how can you go wrong with an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast?

There are others I love....but I just didn't have time to submit them all. :)

December 27 was Breads:

I submitted Italian Cheese Bread.  Truly delicious.  Definitely a favorite. The kids LOVE this.

December 28 (today!) is Soups/Stews.  As I browsed my archives, I realized I didn't make very many new soups or stews this year.  Hmmmm.  Guess I tend to rely on the old favorites a lot.
One of those is Potato Soup.  Simple and yummy.

Another one we like a lot is White Bean Chicken Chili.  Not too spicy, but definitely has some kick.

Tomorrow is supposed to be Meatless Main Dishes....I'm afraid I don't make any of those....so I'll just have to skip a day.  But I'll be back on the 30th for Main Dishes and for sure on the 31st for Desserts, although I don't know how I'll pick my favorites.  Too many options!

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  1. Those soups both look so tasty!! I can't wait to see your deserts of 2010... maybe the top 10 desserts of 2010? :)


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