Friday, December 31, 2010

Countdown to 2011: Desserts

You knew it was coming.

The dessert-crazy lady has gone.....indeed......crazy.

I was not capable of choosing one or five or even 10 favorite desserts from this past year....and there were many more that I managed to leave off the list but still enjoyed immensely.

You may notice there's a lot of chocolate on this list.  And a lot of cream cheese.  Hmmm.  What does that say about me?

I'll tell you just a smidge about why I loved each one of these.

 Celebration Chocolate Cake 
Our Christmas dessert last year....but I didn't technically post the recipe until January. This cake was so moist, so chocolaty, the frosting was the perfect consistency and the ganache on top just took it over the edge.  I snuck little slices of it when all the guests had gone to bed.  It was that good. 

 Double Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
I invented this cheesecake for Grant's birthday in January.  He has in fact requested it again for his birthday next week!  I  will be making extra raspberry sauce to serve on top.....and can't wait to taste it again.  

These were just so wonderful.  Delicate caramel flavored cheesecake.....perfectly smooth ganache that sliced into little squares like a dream....these were an ideal finger dessert for a large party.  And this was my first accepted photo on foodgawker.  :)

I seriously need to make these again.  They were wonderful.  The cookie was so nicely paired with the soft marshmallow and the frosting (which was addictive on its own).  Yum. 

I made this for my birthday.  We hadn't had it in a couple of years, and it was just as good as I remembered...chocolate crust, gooey caramel with pecans, chocolate cheesecake, ganache, and topped with more caramel and pecans.  It will always be one of my favorite desserts ever. 

What's not to like?  Graham cracker crust with mini chocolate chips - Check!  Vanilla cheesecake - Check!  Chocolate chip cookie dough - Check!  Drizzle of chocolate - Check!  Major winner of a recipe.  

If you're an Oreo lover, these are great!  I especially loved how easy the crust was - hahaha!  The portion sizes are small and portable, which is really nice.  So much fun!

Ahhh, one of the all-time favorite flavor combinations.  Chocolate and peanut butter.  Add in cheesecake and it's a match made in heaven.  

I included this because the base brownie recipe (minus the added graham crackers and marshmallows that make it "S'Mores") is hands-down the best brownie I've ever eaten.  I couldn't get enough.  The add-ins didn't hurt anything, but boy howdy.  Those brownies. 

Made lower fat with applesauce replacing the oil, this cake is super moist, light, flavorful, and perfect for summer.  It's especially popular with ladies.  I was glad Grant wasn't crazy about it, because that left more for me.  I loved it. 

Yes, another recipe with brownies and marshmallows.  What is my deal?  
Oh but these are just so good, I could barely stand it.  The kids thought they were top-notch as well.  As did the recipients of a tray of them...even the non-chocolate eater.
I love pumpkin.  And obviously, I love cheesecake.  They're perfect together....and with some whipped cream, sugared pecans, and a caramel drizzle, it's the best ending to a Thanksgiving meal I could want. 

This is really over the top. It was time-intensive and not one of the easiest things I've ever made, but it was amazing.  A layer of brownie, chocolate mousse, then chocolate cake, all covered and decorated with chocolate ganache.  

Raspberry Chocolate Cake
Our truly fabulous Christmas dessert......stay tuned for the recipe coming soon!

Be sure to check out SnoWhite's Countdown to 2011: Desserts for more tantalizing meal-enders!


  1. Seriously -- you sure can bake and make beautiful desserts!!! Too bad we live so far away, I'd love to take lessons from you.

    Thanks so much for counting down with us -- I've been looking forward to these desserts all week!

  2. Thanks, SnoWhite! I would love to get together and have a baking marathon! :) Maybe someday....who knows!

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the countdown, what a great idea! And now I have some inspiration for some meatless main dishes (among other things)....since I had NONE! :)

  3. those are sooooo pretty!!
    But i think i'm gonna go into a sugar coma just from looking at them :)

    i made the chocolate mousse from the chocolate overdose cake recipe, just to eat as mousse (with a side of christmas tree shaped sugar cookies, for Christmas dessert) - it was SOOOOO good!

    Oh, and those Cinnabon cinnamon rolls - absolutely delicious! I made luke make them with me b/c a) i would have gone off recipe and b) i have had disastrous results with cinnamon rolls in the past....

    but these were perfect, we LOVED them, luke even loved the frosting and he thinks he hates cream cheese ;)

  4. Lana,
    I'm so glad you liked the mousse and the cinnamon rolls! Aren't those rolls the best? I'm not waiting until Christmas to make them again. It would be a crime. :) Happy New Year!

  5. That's about what Luke said - 'we need to have them for Christmas breakfast... but we will have to have them before that.'
    I'm planning to make them for his birthday (shhhh, don't tell ;) ) and freeze a batch for Baby's birthday too, if we can find a freezer :)


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