Friday, July 10, 2009

Just for Fun

On Friday nights, we go to a pool near Grant's work that is next to a beach and clubhouse for family night. Normally, you have to pay to get in to the pool, which also is the only access to the beach. But on Friday nights in the summer, it's free after 5:00. There is always a live band, fun at the pool, and lots of playing on the beach. We usually pack a picnic dinner and make a night of it. These photos were from last week.

This pirate ship on the beach is the kids' favorite playplace. Annika loves the slide!

This is her reaction after coming off the slide. Priceless!

Corban is King of the World! He had no idea I was taking his picture, which made this even better.

Uh oh. Watch out. Corban's getting ready for something.....

Oh My. Nothing like your 5-year old child leaping off something over 7 feet high to make a mama nervous......but he did it several times and thankfully never got hurt.

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