Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Bunch of Random Pictures and Stories

The following are some of the interesting/crazy things that have happened around our house the past couple of weeks. I just clumped them all together for simplicity's sake.

1. One afternoon when Marissa was supposed to be napping in her bedroom, she was found instead in the bonus room, racked out on the couch.

2. Corban (I) was responsible for taking snack to his Royal Rangers Class and I had him help make Rice Crispy Treats. This was his first time stirring something on the stove....he was very excited to be involved.

3. Grant and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary (hurray for us!) and had a date to go to the Imax Theater to see the new Transformers movie and then to dinner. We ate at a locally owned seafood restaurant next to a marina and some ridiculously huge boats (we can't figure out how so many people in our modest community can possess such expensive stuff!). We had an hour wait, but it was well worth it. We had fried calamari (the best I've ever had), Grant had steak and shrimp, and I had their crab cake. Awesome.....it was just amazing. We managed to stuff in a piece of pie for dessert....oreo crust with coffee ice-cream, fudge, and whipped cream.

Anyways, the next day we discovered that the babysitter (Tori) and the kids had some fun with the camera while we were gone. We got a kick out of some of the photos they took.....these are the tame ones. :)

4. The kids started their first swimming lessons last week, continuing into this week. We go four days a week for 45 min. classes. It's an indoor pool near Grant's work...so he's been able to drop in a couple of times to see their progress. Annika is too young for independent classes and it drives her crazy to have to watch them and not be able to get in the pool herself....poor kiddo.

Corban freestyling to his teacher.

Marissa practicing her rocket float.
5. I took the kids to the beach last week on Friday....it was due to storm that night and we wouldn't get to go to our usual Friday night pool/beach family night, so I figured it was a good idea. We discovered upon arriving at the beach that the jellyfish have arrived...we spotted at least 10 of them lying dead on the sand. We hadn't been there five minutes before Marissa came out of the water and complained that her ankle itched....which quickly turned into cries of pain as it started really hurting. This was my first experience with a jellyfish sting....all I knew was that you're supposed to rinse it with salt water, not fresh. Apparently vinegar is a great remedy.....note for next time to carry a spray bottle of that with me. Thankfully, her ankle stopped hurting within a few minutes and we didn't spend much time in the water after that.

Annika working to bring water to their hand-dug pool.

No jellyfish here!!!

6. So the storm arrived as expected on Friday afternoon and around 5 pm, I heard a deafening crash of thunder. I mean, it was so crazy loud, I just about jumped out of my skin.
Didn't think much more of it, as the storm moved on soon after that.
Later, when I took the dog out, I noticed our neighbor's tree. Definitely struck by lightning.
This tree is just feet away from our house as well as his.....right next to our fence and the shed Grant just built. There are shards of bark and wood from the tree all down our side yard, even to the end of our driveway. The craziest part is that there was one shard stuck in the siding of our house, shot there like a little missle.
We are so thankful that God protected us in this storm....that we and our home were safe. It was a close call.
We did have a couple of lingering side effects. Our VCR/DVD in the bonus room was ruined....not sure how, but it's certainly dead. Our home phone is also affected....we can make calls but can't receive them. Turns out to be not such a bad thing, as most of the calls we get are from telemarketers anyways. I can't tell you how nice it was to not have it ring at all yesterday! I don't think we're going to pursue getting that fixed right away.
Now I just have to remember to keep my cell phone charged and relatively near me every day so people we know can reach me.

The poor tree.

Notice the hole in the siding, right beside Annika's upstairs bedroom window. The wood fell out...
Grant isn't looking forward to trying to get up there to replace the siding, but we're just thankful that it didn't go through her window!

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