Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Marissa!

Today my first daughter turns three. I can scarcely believe it. I posted her birth story recently, so I won't delve into all that. I'll just write a little about her now.

Marissa is very vivacious and quite the talker. Several of my friends have recently commented on how well she talks and how much older she sounds by her conversations. She's dramatic, affectionate, has an incredibly loud scream (especially when being pestered by a sibling), loves babies and dolls and all things girly, adores swirly dresses, hates jeans, likes to be sung to while going potty (and every time we're in a public restroom together and I have to go, she immediately bursts into song as soon as I'm on the toilet....thanks, Marissa.....I really don't need the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to pee), she has a contagious laugh, her daddy wrapped around her finger, doesn't like most vegetables but loves fruit, rarely goes to sleep before 10:00 pm, despite being put to bed at 8:00, has figured out that if she "helps" mommy bake, she'll get to lick the beaters, has a major sweet tooth, and insists that PINK is the best color ever.

Yep, she's a treasure of a daughter. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

This was a few hours after she was born, actually Oct 29, since she was born around 11:00 pm.

On her first birthday, 10-28-06

Another shot of her around her first birthday...what a goofy face!

Second birthday, 10-28-07

Another impossibly cute picture around her 2nd birthday.

This was last night, as she and Annika put dollies to bed in the new cradle.

I couldn't resist posting this one of Annika from last night.

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