Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My first Baby Shower Cake

My friend Ellen is expecting her fifth baby in November and I had the pleasure of helping with her baby shower last Friday night. My job was to make the desserts. I made chocolate dipped cheesecake squares (recipe to come soon) and the cake. Here are a couple of shots of my creation.

This is how I cut it to shape it into a onesie. I think if I make one like this again, I wouldn't make the angles on the legs quite so sharp. I think. The cake was a doctored up devil's food mix with pudding, sour cream, extra oil and eggs, and mini chocolate chips added. It was very tasty.

The finished product. I had the most difficult time with smoothing the frosting. I don't know if it was because I made it the day before and it had been refrigerated all night, or because I had the windows open and it was a little humid in the house, or what.....but it just did NOT want to smooth out for me. It kept getting lumpy and smearing and causing great anguish. Corban's birthday cake frosting worked out MUCH better, same recipe.

The sweets table....I just made the chocolate dipped cheesecake squares and the cake. It turned out very pretty, and everyone enjoyed both quite a lot, I guess.
Oh, I pretty much copied this cake from one I found on this website. You can get all kinds of inspiration there. Actually, all of the birthday cakes I've made for the kids except Corban's elephant were inspired from the treasures on there.

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