Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Corban!

Five years ago today, I gave birth to our firstborn, our precious son Corban. I don't think a mother was ever more glad to have that baby finally out....twelve days late and a forty hour labor!
He is such a blessing, our boy. He has such a good heart, he wants to do the right thing all the time and is disappointed with himself when he fails. He takes such good care of his sisters and loves helping Grant and I with whatever he can.
He's been looking forward to turning five for a long time. He wants more responsibility around the house and desperately wants to be able to tie his shoes. Oh, and he wants to start losing teeth. I've told him that will probably not happen until he's six, but he still has hope.
He loves to give compliments and is always sincere. When he saw the streamers and balloons Grant and I had put up for his party, he exclaimed, "That looks awesome! You guys did a great job!"
I don't know what we'd do without Corban. Praise to God for giving us such a wonderful son!

Just a few minutes old.

Just finished enjoying his first birthday cupcake.

Two-years old, had a blue/gray elephant cake that he greatly enjoyed!

Three-years old, Thomas the Tank engine was the star of the show.

Four-years old - this year Gordon was the main attraction.

And this was last night, five years old. His monster truck cake suffered a little damage from one of the trucks sliding off....oh well.

Here's a shot of the cake before any damage.
Note: This was by FAR the easiest birthday cake I've made for one of our kids.

He had a really fun party, with a total of nine children plus our three in attendance.

Isaiah, Corban, Kylie, and Marissa having pizza and watermelon.

A rousing game of hot potato.

Corban made it to the final two with Rachel....but she won.

Corban got lots of wonderful presents at the party, but we saved the biggest for today. This castle (which I won off ebay) was a gift from both sets of grandparents and us. It's a Playmobil castle with lots of little people. He got a few knights last night to go along with it, which was wonderful. He had no idea the castle was coming!

Both girls seemed nearly as excited about the castle as Corban!

Marissa especially liked playing with the women people.

This set is going to provide countless hours of entertainment and creative play for all of our kids and friends too. It was really a special gift.....for a super special boy.

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