Saturday, October 4, 2008


My baby girl, almost 13 months, is finally starting to walk! She took her first steps a few weeks ago but hasn't really gotten up the courage to try again, until just a couple of days ago. And last night, she walked 11 steps on her own....we were all cheering and she was so proud of herself.
I'm really glad...because now that the weather is cooler and I'm dressing her in pants, all that crawling around sure gets her dirty and covered with Monty hair, not to mention is hard on the pants.
Oh, and in case you're interested, she is fully weaned, as of about 2.5 weeks ago. This child just got tired of nursing. I guess I consider myself blessed, because it can be terribly difficult to wean a child that is not ready when you are (so I've been told, none of my kids have been much interested in nursing past about 12 months). But I can't deny that it was like a little stab in the heart one afternoon as I asked her if she wanted her "nursies" and she looked up at me with those big blue eyes, shook her little head, and distinctly said, "Uh uh".
She did continue humoring me for a few more days, as I could tell she was very reluctant to nurse but would for a few seconds to "do her duty", but as soon as I stopped, there were no complaints and I think she was relieved to no longer have the pressure.
I have friends that have no fondness for nursing and do it just for the health of their baby and can't WAIT until it's over......not me. Despite the occasional inconveniences of it, I love the bond that nursing creates and I love the time it gives me to cuddle my baby one on one. It's a very precious stage of life in my mind, one I will cherish the memories of forever.

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  1. My firstborn, Sam, did a cold-turkey wean at 8 months. I think he liked baby food better, and I was too chicken to pull all solids to keep him on breastmilk. I pumped for 7 more weeks so he was able to have breastmilk through his 9th month. My secondborn, however, was a completely different story. She is a snuggle-bug and LOVES to be nurtured and coddled (my fault??? :). She didn't want to wean. I weaned her very gradually. VERY. I tried to stop at 13 months, but she wasn't ready. I tried at 15, not ready. Finally, I stopped at 17 months (twice as long as I nursed Sam!), and she did ask me once in awhile, but I would just distract her. I'm so clever, I know. :) Once in awhile (she's almost 2.5, and it has almost been exactly one year since she weaned), if she's upset, she'll say, "I wanna nurse"...I laugh, lift up my shirt, and then she says, "I don't like that nurse." :)


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