Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little bit of Randomness

Thoughts of the moment:

1. Desitin Creamy is worthless.

2. No matter how early I get up to work out, Ellia (11 months) seems to wake up as soon as I get started.

3. P90X is the best exercise program I've ever seen.  Wish I could follow through with it.

4. It's hard to do Plyometrics with a baby clinging to your legs.

5. Cleaning out the fridge has got to be one of my least favorite things to do.

6. I'm sure I would hate it a lot less if I did it more often - so there were fewer moldy things.

7. Somehow that still doesn't motivate me to do it more often.  What is the matter with me?

8. On my Christmas wish list this year:  a cordless vacuum so the kids can clean up all their own crumbs after every meal easily. 

9. My 7 year old son consistently beats me at his Wii racing game.  I don't like to lose.  Especially to a  7 year old. 

10. My house is 66° right now.  I refuse to turn the heater on.  Hasn't been on yet this season and I'm trying to hold out a few more days. 

11. I have no reasonable explanation why I care so much about that.

12.  I seem to be the only cold person in the house.

At what temperature do you keep your house in the fall/winter?  Am I a wimp for being cold at 66°?


  1. I already have the heat on AND it is set at 72! I really am a wimp. But judge too harshly, I am a southern gal, you know!

  2. we set ours at 68, we just put ours on last night, the upstairs was 57. we do live in new england!

  3. We normally set ours at 68 also...although I've been known to slip it up to 70 when I'm particularly chilly. I guess I'm just stubbornly trying to make it as late in the year as possible before increasing that gas bill.

  4. 66 sure is a lot colder inside than it is outside.

  5. We came home (to Little Rock) from a camping trip a couple of weekends ago, and the house was 59 degrees! That's when we turned our heat on. We keep our little home at 66--but we're always running around with socks, slippers, long pants, and jackets! This morning, Kyle turned on the gas fireplace insert and it was wonderfully cozy to stand beside!


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