Wednesday, January 14, 2009 does a body good???

I've been reading again.....a dangerous pastime, I know. Thanks to a random blog post I happened upon yesterday, deriding the "healthy" foods offered at fast food joints and talking about the benefits of real food, I've started doing a little research on the nutritional value of commercially available milk.

It's positively scary.

I almost feel like I'm poisoning my children (and myself) by drinking that milk I have in my fridge right now.

When you take into account the hormones, antibiotics, feed, living conditions and sicknesses of those poor cows, and the dramatic consequences of pasteurization and homogenization, well, suffice it to say I'm feeling a bit sick to my stomach.

And organic milk isn't much better. It's ultra-pasteurized, which basically means that they kill the milk at an even higher heat than with normal pasteurization, so it no longer even resembles milk! (They later add synthetic ingredients back in, like vitamin A & D.) The milk is so dead, it doesn’t even need refrigeration, but stores sell it in the refrigerated section or else no one would buy it, they’d be so turned off. This processing technique for milk is ONLY to lengthen the shelf life and therefore increase profits for the milk companies.

I'm thinking very seriously about buying a cow-share so we can have real milk.

Read this article to get the scoop. Just be warned......your stomach may turn just a little too.

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