Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A "Gill" or a Boy?

A few days ago, I casually told the kids over lunch that my friend Christen, the mom of Marissa's buddy Natalee and her little sister Lydia, is pregnant, due in August.

Both Corban and Marissa were notably excited about that news and the questions immediately started coming.

Corban: "Is it a boy or a girl?"
Me: "They don't know yet....it will be awhile before they can find out."
Marissa: "I think it's a gill" (that's the way she says girl)
Me: "Well, we just don't know yet."
Marissa: "What's the baby's name?"
Me: "I don't think they've picked a name yet."
Corban: "I think they should have a boy, they already have two girls."
Marissa: "I think they should have a gill."
Corban: "It would be better if they had a boy."
Me: "Why is that, Corban?"
Corban: "Because boys can fight! Well, girls can fight too, but not as good as boys."

So there.

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