Friday, January 16, 2009

More Photos from Christmas

Just in case any of you didn't get enough pictures of my kiddos from Christmas, here are a few more. All of these pictures were taken by my sister Anna, except for the one she's in....don't know who took that one.

Marissa goofing off.

Annika's about to head down the slide at the park.

My sweet sister Anna with the kids.

Corban walking across the bridge at the playground.

Annika making one of her many expressions on the swing.

Another funny expression from the "baby".

Annika's checking out her new purse....this girl loves purses. So fun to carry!

Riding on the bouncy horse! Very fun.

Corban with Ethan (9) and Jonathan (4.5) - my brother Jeremy's sons.

Marissa getting read to by Eva (7), with Helena (almost 4) nearby. These are two of Jeremy's daughters. The cousins had a lot of fun together!.

Anna with Jeremy's other daughter Christine (9), Jonathan, and Annika.

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