Saturday, September 8, 2012

Horse Pasture Cake - and the Party Fun

Our sweet little Annika turned 5 on Thursday, September 6.  We had her
birthday party with a few friends last Saturday.
Since her favorite thing is horses right now, that's what she wanted for the theme....
and she was very specific that she wanted a "Horse Pasture Cake".  
Okay.  Got it.

If you ask Annika what her favorite color is, she'll reply, 
"I love all the colors in the world (or in the rainbow), but green and blue are my favorite."

That worked out perfectly with a horse pasture cake.  

I decided to make things easy on myself and make the decorations on top of the cake one of her presents, so I picked out a super cute Playmobil set to be the main attraction. 

Toys R Us was having a great sale on Playmobil - Buy 1 get one 40% off.  In addition, with ordering online, I got free shipping with an order over $49, so I took advantage of that and bought few different sets to have for the girls for their birthdays and maybe Christmas. LOVE getting bargains!

The cake is chocolate, made from scratch (recipe coming soon!) and is 15 x 11". 
I made it a couple of days in advance and froze it for easier frosting. 

I made a large batch of buttercream, ending up with a bit too much....but I'd rather have that than run out.
I left one bowl white, for frosting the sides.  I did that first.  
Then I tinted a bowl green....and frosted the top, leaving the corner unfrosted. 
Another bowl was light blue - and that became the pond.
Then I used the Wilton 4B tip for piping large blue shells around the base. 
The yellow border was a Wilton tip 18.
I placed the Playmobil set all over the cake how I wanted it - and then finished up with grass details using the Wilton tip 233 (grass tip). 
Finally I wrote the birthday message with Wilton tip 2 in yellow.

Super easy - fast - and thoroughly delighted Annika.  
I'd call that a success.

Her reaction at first seeing the cake.

The girls inspect the cake.  

Marissa was so excited to help decorate by setting up toy horses everywhere. 

One of the party games was "Stomp the Fly", where they had black balloons tied to their ankles and had to try to pop others' balloons before getting their own balloon popped.  Probably a game more suited for boys, as a few of the girls were afraid of the balloons popping....but it was hysterical to watch them play.

The balloons were tough to pop - even with kids sitting on them and bouncing!

Lydia, Natalee, Marissa, Annika, Elizabeth, and Hannah.  What a sweet bunch of girls.  
Annika loves her new umbrella.  

The other popular activity we did was to make Stick Horses.

I had printed out a template for a horse head here  and enlarged it, then traced around it on poster board 16 times (I needed 2 for each horse).  I bought long sticks for a dollar each at JoAnn's Fabric store and hot-glued each stick to a horse head, then used rubber cement to glue the other horse head on the other side.

The girls got to glue on googly eyes, yarn for manes, etc. and color their horses.  They all turned out so cute.  

The party favors were their horses on sticks, some Cow Tales candy, and a jar of Cowgirl Cookies Mix.  

Recipe coming soon!!

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