Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Corban!

Corban David,

Today you are 7. 

Gone are the endless nursing sessions in the middle of the night, the reckless swinging in your Johnny-jump-up, the rolling across the whole room, the combat crawling, and the stuffing of every speck found on the floor into your mouth.

Today you are 7. 

Gone is your infatuation with construction vehicles, the sheer excitement of seeing a forklift or backhoe on the side of the road and your two favorite toys, "Giant" (a toy frontloader) and "Little" (the smaller excavator). Gone is your love of all things Thomas the Train Engine, your love of Pup Pup and playing your "Guitar" dog before we got you your own toy guitar. 

Today you are 7. 

Gone is your struggle to learn to read, your fear of putting your head under water, your zooming around the block on a tricycle with a Bob the Builder hard hat barely balancing on your head, your singing of wonderful and sometimes crazy made-up songs.

Today you are 7! 

You fill our lives with excitement and joy every day.  You love to wrestle, with both your dad and any other boy or man we know.  You climb every tree you can, you read 200 page chapter books in just a few days, you swim laps with perfect form (and even dive beautifully!), you design and build amazing lego creations, you compliment me profusely on my cooking (and out-eat your dad sometimes!), you pop wheelies on your scooter, practically fly on your bike, play soccer and soon basketball, are learning piano, love camping like nobody's business, catch your marshmallows on fire on purpose, chase your sisters around the house, delight your baby sister with your games, and complain about why spelling is really necessary.  You're over 55 inches tall!
And did I mention you beat me soundly in most Wii games? 

And most importantly of all, you love Jesus. You ask amazingly insightful questions during Bible time and have a precious desire to know more of God. 

Today you are 7. 

Your dad and I love you more than you imagine.  We are so blessed to have you as our son. 

Stop growing up so fast! 

And Happy Birthday!


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  2. I love the way you wrote this!


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