Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo impossible

Ever try to take a family photo using a tripod and self-timer and actually have success in getting everyone looking the same direction simultaneously?

Yeah, us neither.

Well, we tried.

This was on my birthday a few days ago - no, I don't mind you asking, I turned 29......for the fourth time, if you must know (aka 32) - and we went to a nearby park for some pictures and a nice walk.

We got a fairly decent photo of the three older kids......but again, getting good expressions from them all at once is just impossible. I need some good photo-editing software.


  1. happy birthday (a few days late)! Looks like a beautiful day, even though you didn't get the family photo you hoped for... in the years to come, I think that might get easier :-)

  2. Thanks! We did have gorgeous weather - couldn't have been nicer. One of the benefits of a spring birthday! (unless there's rain, of course).

  3. You have a beautiful family. I think the pictures are cute and real. We ended up with one at the studio like that because we, or they couldn't get all the kids to look at the same just being kids but the picture, for us,is priceless.Keep trying maybe someday:)


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