Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Corban's Lego Birthday Party

Corban turns 6 years old today....crazy how time flies! We had his birthday party last Saturday, and due to his love of Legos, it was an easy choice for a theme.

I'll go into more detail in another post on how I made this cake...it was a big hit!

One of the activities was a Lego building contest - each child had a pile of Legos with which to build whatever they desired - within five minutes. The creations were then "judged" by the dads attending the party, with each child getting an award.

Corban and Marissa hard at work. Marissa got the award for "The Tallest", Corban's was "The Strongest".

The kids lined up for the Lego toss....where they had 5 tries to get a Lego into a series of boxes with point values assigned to each one.

The Lego Pick-Up game - the kids had to use chopsticks to pick up Legos and put them into bowls. The child who got the most in 1 minute won. It's much harder than you'd think!

The kids are ready for the "awards ceremony" for their Lego creations.

Corban and Marissa posing.

With his cake....and his goofy portrait.

It's time to sing!

Opening presents.

When a child is opening gifts, everyone wants to practically sit on top of them. Happens every time.

Ummm...what IS this thing??? A Slinky? What's that???
Oh, it's a gift from Mom. He did end up liking it, once he figured out what to do with it!

This Transformer from Grandma and Grandpa is one of his favorite gifts.

Another favorite gift: A Big Tub of Legos. Can't go wrong with that!
Everyone had a great time and I was so relieved that it went well. I was pretty wiped out afterwards...but it was worth it.

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  1. what a great cake! the birthday party looked like such a great time :)


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