Saturday, August 1, 2009

Comment from a 3.5 year old

Being of a fair complexion, I have pale eyelashes that make mascara my make-up item of necessity. I never leave home without it!

This morning at breakfast, I hadn't showered or put on make-up for the day yet.

Marissa looked over at me and remarked,

"Mommy, your eyes look different without any ketchup on them."



  1. Good one. Dad said that's a classic comment. Thanks for posting cute sayings and pictures of our precious grandchildren.

  2. Hey, Rebekah! Your mom sent me your blog address and I had to say hi! We went to Church with you and your sister in Bentonville waaaaay back and my sister Stephanie and I have such fond memories of you! You and Sarah were great friends to us. Your blog is so great and has me hungry! Love that you are having fun being a great mom to some adorable kiddos.

    Take care & I'd love to hear from you!!

    Lisa Jones (or Lisa Vaughn!)

  3. Hey Lisa! wow, has it been a long time or what! Maybe close to 20 years? I can't even remember. But I do remember you and your sis! How did you and my mom meet up?
    I took a look at your blog...I am so sorry that your son has been so sick. We will definitely be praying for him and your family and look forward to hearing good reports.


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