Friday, August 7, 2009

Bunkbeds and busyness

This has been a crazy busy week! First, last Friday night we moved the girls into a bunk bed. We had purchased it off of Craigslist the week before and spent part of the weekend sanding and painting it. It dried for the week while Grant was out of town for work, and then we put it up on Friday. Annika (almost 2) has slept in a crib until now, in her own room. Marissa (3.5) has been sleeping in a train toddler bed that was Corban's, also in her own room. So this was a big change for both of them.

Big change.

Can you tell she's excited to be trying out her new bed?

The first night I don't think either one of them went to sleep before 10:45....after being put to bed at 8:00. Ridiculous.

It has gotten better, now they're usually asleep by 9:30......but that's still not really acceptable. Hopefully once it starts getting dark outside earlier, that will help them settle down faster. Annika has been crying when I leave her in there for naps in the afternoon....since Marissa rarely sleeps, she's not allowed in there for naptime and I guess Annika was a little freaked out by being alone in the new room. Today she did just fine, thankfully.

Moving on.

We started homeschool this week, with Corban in 1st grade and Marissa doing some pre-K stuff. Annika loves to sit and color so she feels involved. It's been a light week, kind of easing into the routine. Easy and good. No stress.

I also had a midwife appointment this week.....things are going along just fine. I'm so happy about that birthing of my friends gave birth there in June and had an amazing experience. Very encouraging!

Some notes about my pregnancy:
  • I'm having a girl! We found out 4 weeks ago and I neglected to post about it...what was I thinking? Corban was dreadfully disappointed, but he's gotten used to the idea. Marissa was jubilant. Annika has no idea, but currently enjoys waving at my belly and saying "Bye, Baby Girl!" Why she says "Bye" and not "Hi", I don't know.
  • We do not have a name picked out. Both of us are exceedingly picky about names and not necessarily about the same things, so coming to an agreement is always....."interesting".
  • For supplements, I take Supermom Vitamins, flaxseed oil pills, calcium/magnesium pills, and Vitamin D (since I had a deficiency). My midwife had recommended taking fish oil, but when I talked to the owner of the health food store about it, she recommended the flaxseed oil for Omega-3's and DHA for me instead, because I have type A blood. Apparently Type A blood people tend to burp up fishy tastes all day when they take any fish oils, even the flavored kinds. I had certainly experienced that in the past, and had no idea it had anything to do with my blood type.
  • I'm also drinking about 12 oz of Red Raspberry Leaf tea a day. I make a couple of quarts every few days and keep in the fridge. It's pretty tasty and from what I've read, extremely beneficial for women of all ages, but especially pregnant and post-partum women.
  • I feel really pretty good, with the exception of occasional round ligament pain.
  • I'm exercising 3-4 days a week....with the goal being 4 days. I either walk 2 miles in 30 minutes at varying inclines on the treadmill or do a prenatal workout video. This week I've started getting up around 6:00 to exercise before the kids are up. I really don't like getting up that early.....but I feel so good when I do.

This week I've also spent one morning working at our church building helping clean and organize the nurseries and another morning at a friend's house for a Bible study (after homeschooling).

We're having guests for the weekend, friends we haven't seen in 5 years! I'm very excited to see them. I made a special dessert for the occasion....brownie mosaic cheesecake....can't WAIT to try it! I'm sure it will be making its way onto the blog when I get the time. I already have 3 dinner recipes to post. I'm so behind!

So that's it for now. Peace out!

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