Thursday, November 6, 2008

What would you do to save $75?

You'll never guess what I did tonight.

I was an accomplice to a medical procedure that should never be attempted at home. Against my wishes, I might add.

Grant walked in the door (home from a two day trip to DC) as I was busy getting dinner with a screaming baby on my hip and calmly announced that he needed stitches....for an accidental self-inflicted wound on his chin. Don't ask me what happened, I can't tell you.
Like his new beard? He's only been growing it about 5 days.

He took Annika with him upstairs so I could finish my task at hand and within a few minutes, I went up to check on him.

I found him in our bathroom, doing the unthinkable.

Yes, that is a thread going through his skin, strung there by one of my sewing needles. I shot this photo while he took a little break, all the while trying to keep myself from getting sick. I may have gotten the highest grade in my First Responder class in college, but that doesn't mean I can handle real wounds.

Oh, you're wondering why on earth he's stitching up his own chin? Because he didn't want to pay $75 to go to the ER. Yep, he'd rather spend that money on ammunition for one of his weapons. This was all against my counsel, for the record.

He took this photo himself, after I had left the room. My role in the procedure? Tying the knots. He couldn't get them too well and needed help and gosh darn it, Corban hasn't learned how to tie yet. It's a good thing he can sew better than I can, because I never would have been able to do it.

The finished product. Four stitches, with black sewing thread, done in our bathroom. Rest assured, everything, including the thread, was sterilized with alcohol and he covered the wound with antibiotic ointment after completing the task.
Not my favorite way to spend an evening. At least it was before dinner.....or I might have lost it.


  1. OK. We are really shocked. I just can't believe Grant could actually stitch up his own chin. It hurts just to think about it -- AND to see those pictures. You know we want to know how he got the wound. How did he get it to stop gushing blood? Ohhhhh. I think I should not have seen these pictures before going to bed.


  2. Argh!!
    My eyes! My eyes!
    I can't believe you stitched that sucker up yourselves! Goodness sakes alive. I would not do this myself to save $500. Nay, even $1,000. Ouch. That's going to leave a scar. ON MY BRAIN.


  3. Mom,
    I knew you'd be shocked! It blew me away too. I briefly thought about passing out....but decided that was a bad idea. No need for 2 of us to need stitches.
    If he wants to disclose how he got the wound, maybe he'll tell you at Christmas. I am sworn to secrecy.
    It surprisingly wasn't gushing blood that badly. Apparently it was when it first happened, as well as when he put hydrogen peroxide on it, but the direct pressure got it to stop, mostly.

    Sarah....thanks for the good laugh this morning!

    Justyn...I had a feeling you would respond as such! Men.

  4. That's ridiculous! I must know how it happened!
    I guess we'll come over to your house if anyone in my family ever needs stitches... or maybe not.
    Do you think it might be good to have a Dr. look at it just in case... you know, to avoid gangreen and that sort of thing?

  5. Hi Rebekah!

    It's Jae, Grant's friend. I JUST saw the pictures. SOOO gross =) Only Grant would do something like that to save on his co-pay, hehe. Anyways,
    I hope you guys are doing well. I hope I can visit you guys sometime. Talk to you later!

  6. I was 29 going on 30 when your dad grew his first beard. You know that history. He grew it and has never cut it since. So, Grant may decide that he likes a beard, too.

    Plus, he might want a beard to cover the scar. ;)


  7. Mom, Yeah, I know the history. And I do love Dad with a beard. But I definitely prefer Grant clean-shaven. Unless the scar turns out really!

  8. That was really cool. I'd say "bad***" but this is a family blog. :)

  9. It has been many years since this occurred but it is still a great story – the best part is Grant had NO infection and NO SCAR visible. Grant did as good a job as any doctor. He gets it from his dad at age 12, I tried to use C shaped wire clamps to hold a wound closed on my bother Bobby the but my Dad intervened and took him to emergency – there is a Sensible gene in there somewhere. – Gant’s Dad


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