Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Bug

Yesterday I was beckoned by a nearly frantic voice, "Mom, Mom, come here quick!" I rushed over to see Corban (4) excitedly gesturing toward a tiny speck on the floor that I almost mistook for a speck of dirt until I saw it moving. It had a little hump of a back and couldn't have been bigger than a gnat. "What is it Mom? I think it's a hedgehog!" Hee hee hee.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Our family Easter's so hard to get everyone looking decent at the same time! This was our best attempt.

Bread today

I'm smelling one of the best smells ever. Homemade whole wheat bread. Last month I made dinner for a friend with a new baby and included some fresh bread....turns out she and her hubby loved it and she asked me the other day if I would make her some more! She actually said I should be a caterer....can you imagine? I'm happy to get dinner on the table 3-4 times a week for my family (the other nights are planned leftovers) it's beyond me how I would manage catering! So I was planning on making some sort of bread to accompany the beef stew I've got in the crockpot (another great smell) anyways, so I made her a couple of loaves. This is my recipe. I love it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

First post

I created this blog for a couple of different reasons, primarily to keep family and friends up to date on our lives and what is going on in my world, but also to make myself write down stuff so I can remember it later. I'm terrible about doing that now and I know I"ll regret not having those cute things the kids said or did written down. So here we go!
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