Saturday, March 31, 2012

Family Update: March Edition

March has been a busy month for us - but then, I can't really think of a non-busy month. 

Corban won 2nd place in the Pinewood Derby at our church.  He was super excited, as this is his 4th year participating and the first time he won a trophy for speed.  (last year he won first place for workmanship). 

Corban with the 3rd-5th grade boys he raced against. 

This was the birthday card Corban made for grandma - I thought it was so cute, I had to take a picture of it so we could remember it.

 Ellia has some of the cutest expressions - even when she has pie on her face.  She was "helping" me with taking photos of our Mixed Berry Pie that we had for Pi Day. 

I finally got Miranda in for her (4 month) check up last week (she's 5-1/2 months old) and
she was 27-1/2 inches long (off the charts) and 17.1 lbs. (90th percentile).
She's a big girl!  She has the most delightful little chubs!  She's very strong and can even sit unsupported for awhile, but you do have to watch her because she can topple over in the blink of an eye.

 LOVE this baby!!

With the nice weather and opportunities for playing outside, Annika has mastered riding her bike with no training wheels!  She is still working on turning corners without putting her feet down, but she's made huge progress and is so proud of herself. 

Marissa lost her second tooth, just in the nick of time because that permanent one has been coming in really fast.

She and Annika had their last ballet class, which they loved.  Marissa can't wait for us to sign her up for classes again, but we're taking off for the rest of the spring because the three older kids have just started soccer. 
We got to visit the zoo with our best friends and had such a great time.  I am super thankful for our double jogging stroller, which makes toting around a toddler and an infant a breeze.
It sure is a pain to fold up and get into the van, though.  You should have seen me fighting with it in the parking lot as we were trying to leave - somehow I forgot how to get it to fit and wasn't pretty for a few minutes there.

All of the kiddos (minus Miranda) of our two families - combined we have 11 children! 

Marissa, Ellia, and Annika

Annika and Marissa with Essie - Friends Forever! 

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