Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Of 2-Year-Olds and Clothes

Ellia has become quite opinionated about what she wears.
It's almost funny, but not really.
It can be incredibly frustrating to try to get a two-year old dressed when she critiques each clothing item you
bring out and says, "Nope, not that one".

We had settled on a darling outfit today, a purple flowery casual dress with matching leggings.  She wore it all morning, completely happy.
As I was putting her in a diaper for nap time, she decided it was time to change clothes.

Unlike all of my other kids at this age, she loves jeans.I had to fight tooth and nail to get jeans on either of the older girls until they were at least 4.  Not Ellia.  She adores denim.

So anyways, she had laid out a pair of jeans and a light pink turtleneck to change into.

Me: "No, Ellie, you don't need to change now."
Ellie: "But Mom, it's so cute!"
Me: "You really want to wear this outfit?"
Ellie: "Yes, I like it.".
Me: "Okay, okay."

We proceed to change her...

Ellie (looking down and admiring herself): "See, it's so cute!"

Then she realizes that she's wearing a turtleneck, which apparently she doesn't like.

Ellie: "Mom, I don't like it. I take it off.  It's not that cute."  

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