Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Annika - for yesterday

Our middle child turned 4 yesterday.  
We celebrated on Monday with a Curious George party and a few friends.  

Annika is a delight to everyone who meets her.
She's friendly, energetic, has a great sense of humor, loves to be a helper,
tells great stories, sings to herself in the bathroom, is incredibly bright in academic skills,
runs laps inside our house to "practice for when I play soccer, Mama",
cries when she oversleeps and doesn't get to kiss her daddy goodbye in the morning,
wants to be like her big sister Marissa
in nearly everything, 
entertains and plays with little sister Ellia for hours every week while I do schoolwork with the older kids,
and more importantly that all of that, 
she loves Jesus.   

What more could you ask for in a daughter?   

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