Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Things that People Say....

I have a really large belly.

It's true.  

I do look like I "swallowed a watermelon seed" or "shoved a basketball up my shirt".   
It's just how I carry.  Every time, no matter if it's a boy or a girl.  

I'm getting rather weary of the constant stream of comments from complete strangers, though. 

"Wow!  You look like you're about to POP!"
(to which I'm tempted to respond, "Thanks, so do you!")
"You MUST be due ANY day now." 
("actually, I was due 2 months ago, I don't know why the baby won't come.")
"I can tell you're due anytime because your belly button has popped out."
(Oh really?  Because this is my 5th baby and my belly button popped out by the time I was 4 months along.")

I've been hearing such things for the past 8 weeks or so.  Yeah, when you still have 10 weeks till your due date, it makes you feel so wonderful to have people say things like that.  

The big kicker came last week.

I was shopping at Wal-Mart with my two youngest.  

Cute, aren't they?

As we strolled waddled down the aisle, an older woman came down from the opposite direction.
She had a scowl on her face and was unabashedly staring at my belly.
Gruffly, she demanded, "Is that a boy?"
"No," I smiled. "It's a girl!"
She grimaced and looked at my two little angels as if they were disgusting vermin before loudly exclaiming, 
"Oh NO, not another one."
I was completely shocked.
I managed to continue smiling and replied, "Girls are wonderful!"
"Hmmph", she grunted as she pushed past and continued down the aisle. "There's nothing like a boy."



  1. People!!!

    so - are you going to post a picture of that belly?? :-)


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