Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Contest Website

My sister and her husband have just launched a really cool website that lists out pretty much all of the cooking contests out there for people to enter.  There are fun food-related contests for amateurs, professionals, children, etc....not all of them require a recipe, some are just looking for a fun picture!

You don't have to become a member of the site to see all the contests, but there are a few perks for signing up.
Quote from the website:

"While the site is open and free to anyone, there are a few benefits that are only available to registered members of the site. Only members will be able to comment in the forums. Members will have the option to sign up for periodic emails with updates on new contests and site news. We are also developing a feature that will allow Members to save the contests that interest them in a “My Contests” folder, making it easy to review and focus on only the contests that are pertinent".

I don't think there are any other completely free sites like this out there.  My sister used to pay a $25 yearly fee to have access to a website that does just what hers is doing for free.

I'm excited about it because there is just NO way I could keep up with all the possibilities out there on my own, but they put them all together so I can take a quick look through and see if anything is worth my time or interest.
And some of the prizes are pretty sister herself won over $10,000 once for a recipe she submitted to a contest by Kraft and Publix.  How awesome is that?  I haven't been so lucky yet, but maybe someday!  And maybe you could be too!

So check it out!

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