Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogging ABCs

This is kind of fun....I learned a bit about the sites I visit often.....maybe some of them will be of interest to you as well!

Here's the deal: just open a new browser window or tab and hit your "a" key to see what site your browser thinks you're going to visit. - One of my favorite places to find recipes - I especially like the "ingredient" search.

B- - Absolutely amazing creativity - I wish I had inspiration like she does!

C - - Where I've found nearly every fun birthday cake I've made for my kids. I can spend hours browsing their cakes. Some are just phenomenal.

D- - Grant looked up some video game questions - I have nothing to do with this site.

E- - Yes, I love to snag a win at the last second. I have to watch it, or I'll get seriously addicted to the game of bidding.

F -facebook - The greatest time-sucker ever invented.

G -

I - - I love her blog! It's one of the first ones I ever read...I think I've kept up with her for about 4 years now.

J - Knives are cool. Actually, I think my father-in-law was the one looking up knives when he was here..... we do own mostly J.A.Henckels knives, with a couple of Wusthofs thrown in there.


L - - Corban's preferred site for games.

M - - Pretty cool way to organize getting meals to someone in need.

N -

O- - nice blog.

P - - The kids like some of the games (Curious George mostly)

Q - - Just happened to visit this site a few days ago, looking at local restaurants. Never been there.....

R - - hmmm.....I like my blog!

S - - More learning activities for the kiddos, this one is a favorite of Marissa's.

T - - I love looking at food....and I've had better luck getting photos published on tastespotting than on foodgawker, percentage-wise. I actually still look at foodgawker more, but it can't compare to facebook. :)

U - - Our bank - love them. Best customer service anywhere.

V - - Bills, bills, bills.....

W - - Guilty as charged....I play on webkinz more than my kids do. Not that it's very often.....but I do love me some token balloon darts!

X - - no idea. Grant said he's never checked there, neither have I.

Y - - Another potential time-sucker - but I learned how to pipe roses for a cake I made recently from videos on youtube. And I learned how to use my homemade "Moby Wrap". And I love to watch videos of Improv Everywhere....have you ever seen them? Hysterical.

Z - nothing.

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