Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sick again

At least this time, it's just me. I have been struck with my first case of acute tonsillitis in about 4 years this week. I used to get strep throat and tonsillitis several times a year when I was in high school and college, but since having kids, it's only been once. And I haven't missed it a bit.
I'll spare you a picture, 'cause it isn't pretty. As Marissa and Corban said when they saw my tonsils, "YUK".
I went to the doctor on Tuesday and got antibiotics and am feeling a lot better, though my throat is still sore. I have to say that it feels better this morning without ibuprofen in me than it felt yesterday with ibuprofen, so that's a good thing.
The doctor and nurse who examined me were duly amazed at the size of my tonsils (which are abnormally large to begin with) and even commented, "No-one should have to walk around with tonsils like that!"
I got a referrel to an ENT specialist for a tonsillectomy. At first that sounded like a good thing. I've wanted to be rid of these giants in my throat since I was about 10. But since I've been reading about adult tonsillectomies online, I'm less than thrilled with the prospect. Tales of excruciating pain for weeks, trips to the ER for gushing blood down the throat, loss of taste, being on a liquid-only diet for weeks, scabs slowing coming off and dangling down the throat, excessive swelling of the uvula, I goes on and on. Notably, people that have good experiences probably don't feel the need to get online and seek help and end up writing on these complaint forums, so I'm only getting the negative. But it's a little scary nonetheless.
Does anyone know somebody who has had a tonsillectomy as an adult? I'd like to hear whether they thought it was worth it or not.

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