Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ABCs Fun

I saw this at Bethany's blog and thought it would be fun.

A)Age- 30
B ) Burger of choice- Hardees Thickburger..with bacon
C)What kind of car you drive- Honda Odyssey
D)Dogs name- Monty
E)Essential item you use everyday- Hair dryer
F)Favorite TV show- Survivor, Amazing Race, Lost
G)Favorite game to play- Catch Phrase
H)Hometown-Springdale, AR
I)Instruments you play- used to play piano
J)Favorite Juice- strawberry limeade
K)Whose butt you would love to kick- ???
L)Last restaurant you ate at- McDonalds
M)Favorite Muppet- Kermit the frog
N)Number of piercings- 2 in each ear
O)Overnight hospital stays- 4- when I had each of my children and when I donated bone marrow.
P)People you were with today- my husband and the kids, my neighbor from across the street and her baby
Q)What you do in your quiet time- use the computer, read, sleep!
R)Biggest regret- dating anyone other than my husband
S)Status- Very happily married
T)Time you woke up- 5:30 to feed the baby, back to bed to rest for another hour
U)What you consider unique- That I love to try out new recipes on guests
V)Vegetables you love- green beans, potatoes, asparagus
W)Worst habit- Biting my nails
X)X-rays you have had- a few dental ones, one for the bunion on my foot
Y)Yummy food you ate today- strawberry blueberry walnut oatmeal, grapes
Z)Zodiac sign- irrelevant

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