Monday, June 30, 2008

Our first Beach Day

I took my first venture to the beach without a helping Daddy along last week. I met up with several friends and we all toted our kids and a plethora of toys, chairs, snacks, blankets, etc across the sand to the water front. Don't let anybody fool you....going to the beach is a ton of work. And going home is even more work. But we did have fun. Here are a few shots of the kids.

Annika slept most of the time but she did get a little sand playtime. She enjoyed it a lot.

Corban avoided the water for the most part, especially after his friend Isaiah got stung by a jellyfish. But he was content digging and building in the sand anyways.

Marissa was really good about wearing her cover-up when I asked her was primarily to protect her head where I couldn't get sunscreen in her hair.

Will we go back again? Probably so. But it will have to be a really nice day for me to consider it.

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