Saturday, May 17, 2008


Corban graduated from Joy School this week. My dear friend Ellen is the creator and mastermind behind Joy School....she designed a wonderful curriculum to teach preschoolers letters, numbers, and other skills using the greatest Book of all, the Bible. She uses Scripture and Bible stories for each lesson and teaches the kids songs to go along. This year Corban was one of 5 of her students, along with her own twins, Joseph and Essie and two other children, Ollie and Katie.
Corban LOVED Joy School. Well, admitedly, part of what he loved about it was the playtime afterwards with Ellen's oldest, Isaiah (8), but he truly did love spending time with the other kids and Ms. Ellen doing their work.
Their graduation ceremony was precious. The kids performed some of their songs, counted to 30, and received their "diplomas", as well as their book of all the work they completed this year. Here are a few shots of what happened.

Singing their hearts out! Corban, Essie, Jo Jo, Katie, and Oliver.

Receiving his diploma.

Corban was extremely interested in inspecting his work from the year. Ellen had each child's work bound into a laminated book for a keepsake. An awesome idea....and something that Corban is so proud to show others.

Well, everyone was interested in inspecting their work!

We also had a fun lunch and wonderful time playing. Here's one last shot of the kids with Ms. Ellen.

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