Friday, August 5, 2011

Must be Slacking.....

My three dancing Princesses.  Marissa (5) dressed them all up and they were thoroughly enjoying dancing together.  Melted my heart in a really big way.  

See that one in the middle?
That's Annika.  She's turning 4 in a month.
We started up our home school this week and she is doing work from the Abeka K-4 program.  
She loves doing workbooks and feeling big like her siblings.  
She loves to color (and does it remarkably well for her age) and is currently practicing sounds of letters, especially short vowel sounds.  
After our first day of school was complete, she came to me with a look of total dismay.

"Mom!"  she exclaimed loudly.  "You forgot to teach me how to read!!" 

I giggled and tried to explain that learning how to read is a process, you don't learn in just a day, that practicing the sounds of the letters is the beginning stages of reading, etc etc.....but she was not satisfied.  
Every day since, she's insistent on getting her "reading" time and is still expectant that she'll be reading books independently immediately.  

Oh, how fast they grow up.  

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