Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nine Years and Counting....

Nine years ago today, on a sweltering, 100°+ and humid Sunday afternoon, Grant and I wed in a lovely chapel in Fort Campbell, KY. We actually married on the TN side of Fort Campbell....but that's really irrelevant, I suppose.

It was a day full of a wide range of emotions, from nervousness about details working out (oh, the little catastrophes we averted!) and delight at seeing friends and family who had travelled far to see our nuptials, to the sheer excitement of getting married, and also twinged with sadness over Grant's ill grandmother out in California (who passed away the next day).

Hmmm......thinking about those catastrophes......let's reminisce about some of them.

  • One of my bridesmaids, Gwen, had flown out to Nashville from Tulsa, late Friday night. The airline had put one of her pieces of luggage on the wrong plane, and she had forgotten the other piece, ironically, the one with her bridesmaid dress in it. Her friend had frantically driven it back to Tulsa after realizing she had left it and it was supposed to be coming on another plane. Since the airline had messed up her other luggage, they agreed to deliver both pieces once they arrived to Clarksville where we lived, 1 hour away. We were expecting the delivery on Saturday evening, (wedding on Sun. afternoon, mind you) and it didn't come until around 3:00 am on Sunday. Yeah, we were a bit on edge about that one! But it all ended up okay.

  • We had arranged to rent sabers for the soldiers to hold over us in an arch as we exited the church....apparently there was a wedding at the chapel on Saturday that also used the sabers and somehow they didn't return 2 of them, so we were 2 short. Grant had to make a last minute rush to a military supply store and purchase 2 sabers (spending over $150) to use for the wedding.....and then returned them the next day (the store manager was fine with us doing this).

  • I went to the florist on post to pick up the flowers for the top of the cake - some gorgeous star-gazer lilies. As I left the building, a gust of wind blew the top off the box and the flowers onto the ground before I could even react - and the crown flower was a heap of petals on the ground, about to blow away. I was so stunned, I couldn't even cry. I just gathered up the petals, took them to the reception hall, handed them to the caterer and told her to have the cake lady fix it somehow. She assured me it would be just fine. And it was.

There were other glitches here and there, but the point of the day was achieved....we were married! And blissfully happy.

I had no idea then how much we could grow in our love for one another. I honestly thought I had reached the max, full capacity for how much I could love someone. I just didn't know.

The journey is still young, we have many roads ahead of us and lots of life to live, if God so wills, and I am so grateful for the blessing of my husband, my Grant, each and every day.

Happy Anniversary, my Love!


  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!

    Prayed for the two of you and your family to have many more wonderful God-filled years ahead.

  2. Thanks, SnoWhite! We appreciate your prayers especially! :)

  3. Oh, I didn't know about all those near castrophes. It turned out to be a lovely wedding. Thanks for posting your story. We love you guys!!


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