Friday, September 4, 2009

CVS - Take 2

The kids and I made our second trip to CVS today.....after I had spend WAY too much time trying to figure out all the coupons and possible deals and ECBs. At this point, I'm still not convinced that it's worth all my effort and time...but I'm hoping that I'll get better at it with practice and I'm not giving up just yet.


Today I walked away with the following:

1 Glade candle - $6.99 - with $6.99 in ECBs. I had a $3 coupon printed from online also, so I MADE $3 on this one. Cool.
1 Pantene hair gel - $3.49 - with $1.50 ECBs. I had a $1 coupon.

Subtotal came to $7, I paid with $6.99 ECBs from last time, and ended up with some weird little tax charge of $.52. Still can't quite figure that out, but I wasn't going to put up a big fight over a piddly amount like that. Especially since I got an extra $2 ECBs on my receipt, just for shopping at CVS. :)

Okay, so then I asked about toothpaste, because I couldn't find what was advertised in the flier. Turns out they didn't have it, but they would match the price with other tubes. So I got:

2 Colgate Max Fresh toothpastes (6 oz each) for $4.99, with $2 ECBs - I had a $.75 coupon, so I paid with $4.00 of ECBs and another $.51 cash.

Basically, I spent $11 of ECBs and $1 cash and got back $12.50 in ECBs. I have a candle, spray gel, and 2 tubes of toothpaste, all for free.

Can't complain about that. Except for the time and energy spent figuring all that out....and the hassle of dragging the kids to the store to try to find the exact right products. Worth it? I dunno. But like I said.....I think I'll get better at it.

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