Monday, June 22, 2009

The Beach - Take 1

I took the kids to the beach last Thursday for the first time this year - Corban has been asking to go for months and we finally got the chance. I thought it might rain, so we got around and out the door rather late, and ended up staying only an hour. The rain held off and the day was really quite perfect. This beach is just 25 minutes from our house and is pretty secluded. Most people either don't know about it (we never would have found it if we hadn't had friends that lived a block away from it when we first moved to VA) or don't go there because they prefer more luxuries, like bathrooms and lifeguards. We love it because it's so quiet, relaxing, and it's just beautiful.
So on this particular morning, we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves. There were a couple of moms on a playdate with their boys, but that was it. We picked a nice spot and parked ourselves. Corban loves the water, Marissa likes the water, and Annika keeps her distance. She was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing and much preferred to just dig. Fine with me, I don't have to chase her out of the waves all the time!

It was pretty windy out there.

Corban dug a hole and little trench and Marissa helped him fill it with water. It kept them busy nearly the entire time! No fighting, squabbling, fussing, or screaming. It was a beautiful thing.

The trench in progress. Not sure exactly what the purpose was, but who really cares!

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  1. That's fun! We're about to live really close to a beautiful lake in AR. I sure hope I can muster confidence to take them all...


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