Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We had a really good message at MOPS today....and I wanted to jot down some notes here so I won't forget them! The speaker was the CEO of MOPS International, Elisa Morgan. Okay, so she wasn't exactly AT my group, we watched her message on DVD, but it was still her. While nothing she said was brand new information, it was so good to get a reminder of many of her points.
1. You are Loved. No matter where you are in your life or who you are, God loves you. Even when your house is a mess and you've yelled at your kids all day and dinner is burned, God loves you. That will never change. You cannot make Him stop loving you.
2. You are Chosen. God picked you to be the Mom of your children. He knew exactly who they would need as a mom and who you would need as children. He put you together.
3. You Matter. You have an influence on those around you, whether you see it or not. Your children are constantly watching you and learning from you, and even if your daily routine is mundane and repetitive and you feel like nothing worthwhile is accomplished, you DO matter, to your husband, your children, and to God.
4. You are Not Alone. Whatever life throws at you, the Holy Spirit is always with you. Whether you're starting out in motherhood or a 70 year old veteran grandmother, living in prosperity or need, you will not be forsaken by your heavenly Father. He will always be there for you.

Well, I wish I had gotten to actually take notes during the message, because I didn't capture nearly all that she conveyed here....but I was nursing and rocking a noisy, fussy Annika to sleep....so this is it.

Here's a photo of the girls on Sunday...because it's just not a good post without at least one picture!

Aren't they cute? Thanks for the gorgeous dresses, Grandma!

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  1. Hey Dolly,
    thanks for the encouragement:) You are a wonderful mom and I don't know how you find time to keep a blog! The girls are absolutely delicious!!!
    Love you, Ellen


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