Saturday, April 5, 2008

Growing up

Disclaimer: This is purely for the enjoyment of the proud grandparents and aunts/uncles. Annika (7 months in 2 days) has started waving.....and it is just about the cutest thing ever. She gets this huge grin on her face and awkwardly jerks her entire arm around in pseudo-circles. I just love this stage!


  1. Ohhhhhhh. My grandkids are so cute (all 10 of them)! See if you can post a video of Annika waving.

    I am soooo glad you started this blog. You will be glad that you have a record of your kids' cute sayings, etc. The years go by way too fast. Look at you. You are turning (shall I say?) next week. That's hard to believe.

    Mom (Nonny)

  2. What a cute kid! Just adorable. :)
    Wish I could pick her up and squeeze her.

    Auntie Sarah


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