Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girls and Clothes

So what is it with girls and clothes, anyways? I have a 4 1/2 year old son who has changed his clothes without being told just a handful of times, and those just in the past year or so. I guess I just didn't understand how different a daughter would be.

Okay, so I do have memories of my sister Anna, 11 years my junior, going through a phase of changing her clothes several times a day when she was somewhere between 3 and 5, I'd have to ask my mom exactly when. It was a humorous and cute, if not a little annoying at times, habit. But it didn't really affect me that much.

Now I have Marissa, 2 1/2 years old. Lately she has been surprising me with her clothes, or lack thereof. Sometimes it's just a change of pants. One day during naptime, when she was supposed to be asleep, I found her in Corban's room, wearing only panties (she had been wearing a pull-up and clothes), put on with one leg through the waist opening. Another day she was traipsing down the hallway just in panties, dress-up slippers, and her pink blanket draped around her shoulders like a shawl. But today really took the cake.

We had a busy day and a short time for naps before heading out for Corban's gymnastics. I had just gone downstairs for some water and came back up to hear some mysterious noises in her room. I opened the door to see her completely naked, playing with her dollhouse. What??? I can't figure out what got into her! Her jeans had been put in a drawer and her shirt and pull-up were on her bed. She had no explanation for why she had disrobed and was happy as a clam. Ridiculous. It's not like that kind of behavior is modeled around here.

Boys just don't do this sort of thing. At least, mine never has. Why do girls feel the compulsive need to change clothes or take them off altogether? At least it's only in the privacy of her own room during sleep times....thusfar, anyways.

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  1. Those are 2 beautiful girls! I can't wait to see you all again.

    Actually, Anna didn't so much shed her clothes. She just changed her outfits several times a day. The
    main problem with that was that she would just toss the clothes, so we had a big mess. She still loves to try on clothes and change her outfits. Only now, she is much better at hanging up the clothes she takes off. :)



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