Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family Update - January Edition

Annika (4) sporting her Sunday morning accessories.  Which I did not allow to stay on her for church, by the way. 

Ellia (2) and Miranda (3 months)

Aren't they cute in their matching shirts?  I got those 4 years ago for Marissa and Annika.  I had no idea I'd ever have two more daughters to wear the same shirts. 

Corban (8) in his last Upwards basketball game for the season.  He's the one shooting. His team was undefeated, thanks in part to their excellent assistant coach, my dear husband!  :)
Corban's improvement over last year is tremendous - he really loves basketball now.

Marissa (6) has started ballet classes and absolutely loves dancing.  She doesn't mind the cute leotard and slippers, either.  We wish she could take lessons from my sister Anna - but something about travelling 1,300 miles for classes makes that a bit impossible.


  1. Great pictures, Rebekah! Love the one of Marissa! Where does she take ballet? I think Leah might like it!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Grant actually took the one of Marissa, but I edited it. She takes ballet through the Newport News Parks and Rec dept. I don't know what ages they start ballet at - I'm pretty sure they have some just dance movement classes for little ones, maybe 2's and 3's.
      Ellia loves to "do ballet" also, her own little versions. :) Annika likes it too, but she didn't want classes this time.

  2. Great pics! Nice to see the family pic on the top too. Nice update of your family life.


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