Thursday, July 7, 2011

Visit from the Grandparents - Summer 2011

We had a visit from Grant's parents this spring, from the end of May until the middle of June.  We had lots of fun activities, not the least of which was Grant and I getting our first night away alone (since having children) to  have an early celebration of our 10th anniversary (coming up tomorrow!).  We also got another weekend away to attend the VA homeschool convention, which was truly amazing and a lovely thing to experience without worrying about the kids.  

Here are some pictures of other things that happened:

 Marissa learned to ride a bike without training wheels.....awesome!
(I love the blur of Annika, running fast)

We went to the Living Museum and explored their new Butterfly Exhibit - here the kids are working together to move along like a caterpillar.

 Annika the Spider is about to devour her prey (Marissa).

 Flying like a butterfly on a zipline.

 We loved the live butterfly garden outside.  

 Corban got to participate in a demonstration during a little workshop. 

 We also made a trip to the beach on a gorgeous day - Ellia here with her shades on (didn't stay on for long).

 Grandpa and Ellia.

 Grandma and Marissa

 Annika digging.

 Ellia wasn't crazy about the water but sure liked carrying around a shovel.

 Grandma and Ellia

 Marissa learning to use a boogy board.
She loved it!

 My three girls.

Ellia was so funny about not wanting her hands to get dirty....she would do whatever she could to stand up without touching the ground.  

More pictures coming up soon!  


  1. The Children were wonderful, we are very blessed Grandparents to have had the opportunity to baby-sit them twice.

  2. And we were very blessed to have 2 weekends to get away! The children had a fabulous time with you and we had fun too!


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