Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Fun

We started out the weekend by going to Fort Monroe for their free pool/beach evening, complete with live music. This was our second time going this summer, and it truly is a lot of fun.

We took along some friends from church (who brought a great dinner for us to share, Thanks Lyndsay!) and splashed around in the pool awhile before heading to the beach. It was a cool evening, and the pool was quite chilly, so Corban didn't get to practice his swimming as much as he wanted, but the beach was a nice diversion.

Annika has discovered that she does actually enjoy the sand!

Corban loved climbing on the dragon and jumping off.

Saturday we got to go to a birthday party for a neighbor boy at the Virginia Living Musuem (one of the kids' favorite places), during which they got to pet a screech owl and a corn snake. Very cool.
And Sunday was perhaps best of all, for Corban, anyways. In the afternoon, he and Grant had made an excursion to Wal-Mart to pick up some modeling glue for a little dinosaur skeleton model Corban got at the birthday party Sat., and they ended up coming home with a new bike!

Corban has been WAY too big for his first bike for a long time now, and he's still too short to ride the cool black bike that Grandpa fixed up for him (without training wheels, anyways, and he will NOT go back to those), so he really needed an in-between bike. He is more than delighted with his new wheels and wants to ride nonstop.

Of course, since he now has no use for the old bike, he and Grant immediately decided that Marissa needed to learn how to ride a bike. Mind you, she's still two months away from turning three and just mastered the tricycle in the past few months, but nevertheless, out came those old training wheels and she was hooked up within minutes.

Check this out.

Getting started....

Getting that extra help from Daddy up to the driveway...

One proud little girl.

We've let her bring the bike inside to get some practice. Seems like it wasn't that long ago that Corban was riding it in the house. Was it just last year? I think it was. We took the training wheels off for him last August and then the bike became just an outside activity.

Corban is determined to teach Marissa all he knows about bike riding and takes the role of teacher very seriously. It's pretty funny to listen to their conversations.

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