Monday, July 15, 2013

Busy Day Goulash - SRC

We have really been loving our new church and getting to know the families there.  It's not a big church, probably around 200 people or so.  I recently became acquainted with a really great lady named Ginny.  Shortly after, we became Facebook friends - and I saw on her page that she had a food blog, Cooking with Chopin, Living with Elmo.

"That's awesome!" I thought to myself. "We have something else in common!"

As I browsed through her blog, admiring her fantastic recipes and gorgeous photography, it quickly became apparent that Ginny and I had something else in common.

She is a member of the Secret Recipe Club also!!

She's in Group A - and I hadn't run across her before.  It was such a thrill to both of us to discover that we actually met someone in person who was a member of the club.  What are the odds, ya know?  Super cool.

Anyway.  On to July's feature.

I had the great pleasure of being assigned to Miz Helen's Country Cottage  for the Secret Recipe Club this month.  This delightful lady is just the sort of person you'd love to have as a next door neighbor.  A mom of 7, grandma to 13, and great-grandma to 3, she's gifted with hospitality, has gorgeous gardens and landscaping, something scrumptious always baking, and has tips for home-keeping from canning to meal-planning.  Not to mention a lengthy list of recipes, with tempting titles like Key Lime Cake, Cream Puffs, and Baked Tilapia Cakes.

Now if only I can get her to move from Texas to Northwest Arkansas......

This Busy Day Goulash jumped out at me.....because as a mom of 5 kids, I have lots of busy days.  Don't we all???  And I love using my slow-cooker in the summer - saves heating up the oven and all that jazz.

This dinner is easy to get together and cooks in just a few hours. It's a great combination of meat, veggies, pasta, and cheese, making a very satisfying meal that will please the whole crew.

I changed just a few things, using vegetable broth instead of beef and omitting 2 tsp. cinnamon (I just didn't think my family would like that....).

My only issue was that the pasta was a little overcooked - my family didn't complain and rather liked the noodles a little mushy - but I would have preferred them a bit firmer. That could just be because my slow-cooker cooks really hot and fast.  So next time I'll wait an hour or so to add the pasta.

All in all, it was a great meal that lasted us for two dinners and I will definitely add it to the menu rotation.

Thanks, Miz Helen!!

Busy Day Goulash
adapted slightly from Miz Helen's Country Cottage

2 lbs lean ground beef or ground turkey
2 medium onions, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
1 1/2 cups tomato sauce or 1 (14 oz) can
1 3/4  cups frozen corn
1 qt. vegetable broth or beef broth
1 Tbsp. chili powder
1 Tbsp. oregano
1 Tbsp. parsley
2 tsp. cinnamon (I omitted)
2 cups dry pasta (I used Cellentani)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Dash of Cayenne pepper
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, grated
1 cup Monterrey Jack cheese, grated

Brown ground turkey, onion, and pepper in a hot skillet.  Add 1/2 cup water to the skillet to remove all the goodies from the bottom if you want. Pour the mixture into the slow cooker.  Add the remaining ingredients, except for cheese.  Mix well and cover the slow cooker.  (Note: I will add the pasta after the first hour next time)
Cook on high for 1 hour, then on low for 3 hours.  At the end of 3 hours, put the cheeses on top of the Goulash, replace the lid and cook for 30 more minutes on low.


  1. I make something similar to this--it is hubby's favorite meal. Of all 500 dishes on my blog this is the one he picks--perfect comfort food(and great leftovers too.)

  2. I think it's amazing that you ran into a fellow SRC member - what are the odds? This dish looks great!

  3. Hi Rebekah,
    You are so sweet and kind, thank you so much for your kind comments and I am so happy that your family enjoyed the recipe. It is so nice that you found another blogger in your church, that is really awesome! Thanks for doing a great job with the recipe and hope you have a fabulous week!
    Miz Helen

  4. This is a meal that nourishes body and soul. A great pick.

  5. Quick and easy dinners with great flavor are always needed and appreciated by those around the table!

  6. Great choice for SRC! I'm looking for a way to get my little guy to eat meat and this might be worth a shot.

  7. Thanks for this recipe and great SRC choice. I look forward to the day I get assigned to Miz Helen. And what a coincidence about finding someone from Group A. It's a small world sometimes.

  8. That's so great to meet a fellow blogger right in your own church!! ;)

  9. Your family blog is so cute, and fun. :) Thanks for all you do to promote the family lifestyle and provide fun ideas and inspiration. I also blog about crafting and family togetherness at
    if you are interested. Thanks for all you do! Keep in touch!

  10. We all need a "busy day" recipe, don't we? I know I do! This goulash looks like a great recipe. :)


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