Monday, July 2, 2012

Just In Case You Thought My Kids Were Perfect....

In the past 24 hours, she has:

  • smeared petroleum jelly all over her legs, arms, and hair during nap time
  • drawn on her cheeks and palms with an ink pen (while I was running on the treadmill)
  • stripped down to her birthday suit and covered her bottom, legs, and hands with Miranda's prescription diaper cream (while I was nursing the baby).....oh yeah, just remembered there's some on the floor too. Guess I need to clean that up sometime.  
  • drawn with black marker on the bonus room wall (and a couple of kitchen toys)
  • dumped out 8 or 9 (25 piece) puzzles in a heap on the floor, decided she couldn't put them back together, and left them there (while I was in the shower and big brother was supposed to be babysitting)
  • shocked me with the statement, "Mommy, you look so beautiful.....I don't like you." (when I had come downstairs all ready for church on Sunday)
Life with a 2 year old.  

There's just nothing like it.


  1. This is why God made 2 year olds so.darn.cute.

  2. Nope, I just don't believe it. Nope, never been there before with a 2yo. She looks too sweet for any kinda mischief. ;)
    Happy Fourth, maybe this week she'll slow down!

  3. My 2 yr old painted her belly button, legs, toes, the wall and the carpet with red nail polish today! I feel your frustration!

    1. I am So. Sorry. Fingernail polish is one of the worst things to get out of carpet, in my experience. I hope you had the presence of mind to take some pictures of her in all her red glory....for laughs down the road a few years. :) Unfortunately, I did not, and I wish I had.

  4. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics either!


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