Monday, June 14, 2010

Grandparents Visit - May-June 2010

The past 3-1/2 weeks, Grant's parents have been visiting us. We've done quite a few fun things and had a great time, and they just couldn't believe how much the children changed over a month's time, especially Ellia.

Ellia took quite a liking to Grandpa.

Grandma and Annika

Dancing together (to a live band) at the pool/beach

It was breezy and a bit chilly that evening.

Annika was less than happy with the cold.

We took a trip to DC to see Grant's brother and visit the National Zoo. What fun!
The lions were one of the highlights.

Marissa was happy to get a ride from Uncle Eric.

Annika was even more happy to get a great view from Grant's shoulders.

The tiger was really cool.

I loved seeing the mama gorilla with her baby. So cute!

But the favorite of all was the panda. We had just about given up hope of getting to see her when she came strolling out of the bushes.

She found a nice sunny spot and plopped down with a stalk of bamboo for a snack.

It was funny to hear the whole multi-cultural crowd simultaneously say "Awwwww" as she started to eat.

Ellia got a bath in Uncle Eric's sink.

Ellia is completely uninterested in eating solid food, but she likes playing with the spoon. Corban declared it her "light saber".


I bought a butterfly kit a few weeks before the grandparents arrived. We watched the caterpillars grow and grow, build their chrysalises, and then emerge as lovely Painted Lady butterflies over a couple of weeks. We kept them a few days and then released them at a nearby park.
One of the butterflies landed on my arm for several seconds as we released it. I managed to snap this photo with my other hand.

I think they were happy to have real flowers instead of just sugar water.

We spotted a box turtle along the path as we walked.

Grandma and Ellia.

She's finally big enough for the ducky tub. She loves it!

Smooching on the beach.....awww.

There will be some more pictures coming.....

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