Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Mopiness. Is that a word?

Argh, I'm so tired of the sickness! Ever since December, it's been one thing after another. From the usual colds, Grant's shingles, the stomach virus TWICE (and can I mention that Corban didn't get it either time......lucky kid!), Corban with the croup (okay, so he's not THAT lucky), more nasty coughs for the other kids, it never ends.

For the past couple of days, everyone has been well, with the exception of minor sniffles, so I was bound and determined, and not a little excited, to get out to MOPS today. My table had the breakfast provision responsibility. I made some little muffins yesterday and started getting things ready for my sausage cheese rolls (a recipe I've created for the Pillsbury BakeOff...so I won't be posting it here yet!).

The kids were all in bed, all was well. And then.......Marissa had some serious diarrhea.

So much for my plans. Since I'm the table leader, I felt responsible to still take the food I had planned on.....so I had to get up early to get everyone ready and make those rolls and head to MOPS, to see it all beautifully decorated and give my friends a brief hello before I had to leave. Marissa probably would have been fine, and who knows if she's contagious......but I just didn't want to take the chance of spreading nasty germs around.

So we ended up heading to the nearby park to enjoy the gorgeous 70 degree weather before going home to do schoolwork. The kids were thrilled and had a great time......but I'm still disappointed. It's hard to miss one of my two social activities of the month.

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  1. Aww. You need to get out more. You should have a social time each week.


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